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TITLE: Everything I Know: Prologue
AUTHOR: one crimson tie
SUMMARY: In a tournament far more complicated than was said, and in an eighteen-year war that is finally coming to a close, Hermione Granger finds herself representing Hogwarts against Beauxbatons and Durmstang along with the best students of Hogwarts' time... Tom Riddle being one of them.
A/N: Oh, see entry below. <3

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WELL, I'M BACK. WE'RE BACK. OHH BOY. I think I'm having second thoughts already.

Everything I Know is back up. Rewritten, looking absolutely nothing like it did before, but really the same, I swear. Everything's a bit more complex now, that's all. The tournament, the war, the people. First chapter should be up before the week's over, though, so that will be familiar material. It'll be like deja-vu, except... not, I guess. Quasi-deja-vu, then.

In reply to all... pleas? I don't know what else to call them, you crazy lot, that's what they are. But in reponse to everyone that asked for Tom Riddle to remain the same: OF COURSE NOT. Of course he won't change. Of course he won't undergo massive personality rearranging. I don't think he'll have changed a bit, to be honest. All the characters will have changed, but it's because they'll be in different situations than they were in the previous version, so we'll see different aspects of them that we may not have before.

In short, nothing major has changed. This rewriting was mostly because I couldn't stand my old writing, because I'm neurotic like that, but also because it made me cringe when I read the first few chapters. If there are changes, they were made for the better, or at least that's my hope.

Posting will be on both livejournal and, and email alerts will be sent to anyone that wants them. It's not a big problem. :)

There are too many names to thank, and I have to find them all anyway, so for now, thank you to everyone. To everyone that left a comment or review, and to those that emailed me and guilted me into rewriting at last. Thank you for the emails, the comments, and the reviews. I find it absolutely insane that I still had an email yesterday. (It was nice, though, so thanks to you who wrote it.) It means a lot to me that people I don't even know, readers, would take the time to say all they did, and to write all they did... just for a story. I honestly did not know this one story meant anything to anyone; I thought that after I stopped posting, and after the intial barrage of replies, that people would find other stories and forget about this completely. But they haven't, and that is absolutely amazing. You guys are amazing.

And really, really good at guilting me into writing.

But thank you for all you guys have done, and remember, all this? It's all you. This rewrite is dedicated to you guys.

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BEING AWAKE AT 2 AM, DRINKING ROOT BEER, does not make my mind very coherent. Better than drinking real beer, naturally, but I haven't drunk pop in over a year, so it might as well be. Feeling slightly buzzed, can't fathom what sleep is anymore, and am listening to soft rock. Not very good signs.

Also cleaned out this livejournal of excess and essentially useless Second Servings material now that Leila and I have the community up. From now on that's where our mutual-blackmailing efforts are concentrated.

But in fanfiction news, I've posted a one-shot I wrote the other day, Today, onto It's a short little Golden Trio thing, focuses on the war in relation to their friendship, I suppose. LJ cut is also below.

I'm really wondering if I should just post all my work on this journal, though, because is going downhill, really, and restricts all sorts of formatting after they remodeled, which is, to euphemize, not boding well with me. (WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE DON'T LET YOU INSERT A BLOODY ENTER AFTER YOUR TITLE?!)

Yes, yes. So I'd love it if you guys could tell me whether you'd prefer me to keep on posting on, or onto this livejournal. If livejournal gets more votes, then everything will be set up pretty much as will, really: reviews will be the same as "comments", I'll have links so you can go back and forth between chapters, and there'll be an archive of all chapters. The differences, however, are that news and updates will be easier to find (a good difference, I'd think), alerts will be via email, and that I'll be able to reply to each of your reviews directly (instead of in hideous-looking author notes at the end of chapters), and I'll be able to use spiffy little icons for entries. (YESS!) You don't need an LJ account to comment on livejournals, so it's really workable, I think. :)

Right, but don't let my bias sway you.

And Everything I Know is still in the works. Yep.

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I'M SURE THIS IS FAR FROM A NICE CHRISTMAS PRESENT, considering the fact that I haven't updated in several months, but it's what will be happening. I'm rewriting my story. I know Marion's screaming from her computer chair right now, but it's really what I plan on doing.

Like I may have said before, I'm not really satisfied with what I have now. There are gaps I can't help but grimace at whenever I look back at previous chapters, and the early chapters make me cringe. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to rewrite "Everything I Know," but once I finish all my college stuff this January, I'll have all the time in the world to write, and you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to it. :)

The plot will change quite a bit (sorry!), so you'll probably have to read from the beginning again. But at least it'll be better, and at least I'll be updating regularly, right? (Err... right?) Oh well. Anyway, I'm sorry I've been so bad about updating and just communicating-- and I'll be replying to reviews that need to be replied to soon! Any updates will be posted on this LJ, and previews of chapters and other random things. Right now I've got the beginning of the new Chapter 1 under the cut below. Not quite sure how that whole Ron/bodysuit conversation made its way into the story, though...

Anyway, good luck on mid-terms for those who have them, and if I don't post something on by Christmas, happy holidays!

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